Aikido: The best martial art of self-defense

Aikido is a martial art that originated in Japan. In the International Aikido Academy, the training system is adapted to our climate and society, so that you train aikido as a modern, practically applicable self defense skill.

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Introduction to Aikido

The basic way of Aikido training is practicing pre-prepared forms (Kata). The two partners practice by practicing one practitioner (Tori, Nage or Shite), and the other one with the technique, i.e. who receives the technique (Uke). By repeating these pre-determined forms, Aikido technique is adopted and training becomes more practical for the practitioners.Read more

Children and aikido

The best way of training for children is that we simply teach them aikido, because this is the main reason they came from, or they were brought by their parents. Aikido should be fun for both children and adults. And why then re-invent hot water and special type methodology: learning by playing?Read more

Saturday, October 14, 2017 Knežević Dr Danilo Aikido articles 1933
From the point of view of psychophysical health, any activity with physical activity is helpful. In addition to the undoubted improvement of psycho-physical abilities, what is especially noteworthy is the acquisition of knowledge in the field of self-defense, which is again related to increasing self-esteem and self-esteem (to be respected by others), while unlimited opportunities for advancement in aikido contribute to motivation capacity, as the leading psychic functions, which makes us more tolerant of the stresses and difficulties of everyday life.