World Headquarters International Aikido Academy

Come and try: you can not get the right impression by watching only, it's better to participate immediately in training. The first Aikido training is free in our club.

We are taught aikido with practical value in self-defense, from armed (knife, rod, stick, sword), and unarmed attackers. The lower age limit for starting training is 5 years, and the upper practically does not exist.

Admission of children and adults to the Aikido Academy is in progress!

The Aikido Academy is located in the Sports Center Partizan - Žarkovo in Belgrade. In the immediate vicinity are Julino Brdo, Banovo Brdo, Bele Vode, Labudovo brdo, Cerak, Vidikovac and Čukarička Padina.

A training system in our aikido club

We regularly hold aikido training for children and adults, whole school years, three times a week.

Progress is gradually

Aikido's progression is based on the laying down of degrees of knowledge, the so-called belts, twice a year according to the program of the International Aikido Academy.


In addition to children and adults, we organize one-day and multi-day aikido seminars for children and adults throughout the year, at home and abroad. 

  • Come at the time of the training, which you can watch, or immediately take part in it.
  • Then contact the trainer, who will direct you directly to the details of your start of training.
  • In the beginning, you can train in the equipment that you already own (the lower part of the sweatshirt and t-shirts).
  • The enrollment lasts throughout the year and is always open. You will be paid special attention. You have not yet come to our place?

Contact us!

New members are enrolled throughout the year, any day at the time of the training. It's best to do it immediately! Phone: 064 123 53 88