You can join at any time of the year to train at the World Headquarters of the International Academy.

Aikido enrollment is for children and adults, women and men. With us, we can train and advance, both the aikido beginners and the Masters, the high-class black belt carriers.

How to apply for aikido?

First step: Arranging a meeting

You can call us by phone, or contact us via e-mail, through our contact page, and arrange a meeting where you can get more detailed information. We usually arrange meetings for the eve, or during training, at the place where they are held.

You can come without prior notice, or bring your child, before or after aikido training, according to the schedule outlined below. In that case, feel free to contact the coach. Be careful not to disturb the course of the training.

Step 2: Information and observation

You can watch the training, get some additional information, or immediately move to Step Three.

Step Three: Trial training

If you do not have the appropriate equipment for you or your child (lower and upper part of the kimono and belt), you can try a free aikido training in the lower part of the trainer and the T-shirt. Do not worry, everyone will take care of you at the training. We take children very carefully into training, so they are completely safe. In our club, progress is very gradual, so nothing will be difficult for you, and no one will ask you to perform complex actions immediately.

If you like, you can enroll in our aikido club, or register your child.

Step Four: Enrollment

When you bring a filled out enrollment, arrange appointments and pay a monthly subscription, you can begin to train aikido. It is also necessary to perform a sports check and to provide us with the confirmation that you will receive from them.

For more enrolled members of the same family there is a special discount!