Why train aikido from 7 to 77 years old?

From the point of view of psychophysical health, any activity with physical activity is helpful. In addition to the undoubted improvement of psycho-physical abilities, what is especially noteworthy is the acquisition of knowledge in the field of self-defense, which is again related to increasing self-esteem and self-esteem (to be respected by others), while unlimited opportunities for advancement in aikido contribute to motivation capacity, as the leading psychic functions, which makes us more tolerant of the stresses and difficulties of everyday life.

Aikido is not a competitive sport. This is the skill in which we are progressing and that is why we can attain an unburdened result by practicing, and when we get to know it better by training long enough and persistently, it becomes a lifestyle-style of adapting to the problem to solve it, in contrast to a direct confrontation with a life difficulty that can be counterproductive .

Aikido is a hobby, relaxation, but exercise also contains elements of cardiotrening, and significantly increases the level of physical fitness, which, in collaboration with the mental balance, which also contributes, gives a good basis for a complete personality.

Aikido is not an age-specific activity, but it is useful at every stage of life. In school age, exercise can point to different deformities of the spine and problems with the supporting joints, because the attitude occupied by exercise emphasizes postural deformity as a problem, until then we were not aware of it or ignored it, suggesting that we adequately deal with it-seeking professional help of a physician. On the other hand, exercising aikido is a good way to supplement the therapeutic methods of these deformities, again in agreement with the competent physician.

In the middle and senior age categories, at least as much as any other sport activity is beneficial, and since the exercise is most often in the hall with the grinders, the risk of injuries is small, and the regularity of training is not influenced by either cold, heat or precipitation. We only influence our own will, and aikido returns it in the best way, making us calm, tolerant, mentally strong, physically durable.

The author of this article is the Orthopedic Surgery Specialist. He has a black belt Black Belt 2nd DAN International Aikido Academy.